Hospiscare’s 40 Club

In 2022 Sounds Choirs became proud members of Hospiscare’s first ever 40 club. Joining 60 other businesses all agreeing to raise £1000 for Hospiscare’s 40 th year.


Hospiscare provide specialist end of life care for adults living with terminal disease in Exeter, Mid and East Devon. Covering over 1000 square miles of Devon this care consists of many elements including community nursing care, Hospiscare at Home in some locations and their specialist in patient unit in Exeter.


Sounds Choirs have been supporting charities since they begun in 2015, and each year a charity is chosen by the choir to support. This year the choir allowed their founder Ellie Williams to choose the charity as they supported her amazing Dad and family in 2021.

You can watch a video Ellie recorded with Hospiscare where she talks openly about what Hospiscare meant to her family.

Our 40 club challenge has so far raised over £6000 and has included special concerts, raffles, weekly bake sales, The Twilight walk and even a skydive from 15,000 ft.